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Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. Based on 4181 Reviews

by Laploy on 02/15/2019

This quilted bag looks classy and my friends all like it, they said they will buy bags from baginning.

by Ginet on 02/15/2019

Love this classy fashion bags for spring, go well with my new dress.

by Christine on 02/15/2019

This handbag made of quality material, perfect size for pouch, makeup, keys, cell phone, and much more.

by ricky on 02/15/2019

I was very excited for this bag to come. I had been looking for this certain style bag for a while and was happy when I finally found it.

by Lotus on 02/15/2019


by goodie on 02/15/2019

I hardly ever write reviews, (unless the product is terrible),but I just had to write about this purse. The purse was bigger than I expected but it is absolutely perfect.

by H on 02/15/2019

love this bag! The bag is so cute and it's a great size

by Crystal on 02/15/2019

Great stylish bag for the price when a clear bag is needed. Had a person tell me she sells a bag similar in her store for over $100. I was pleased to have only spent a few dollars in comparison and my bag looked even better than hers!

by Pretty Precious on 02/15/2019

Perfect size. It can fit all my essentials including my fave makeup prouducts. Would recommend this to anyone.

by Luis Llamas on 02/15/2019

I love it! This bag is so cute! Clear bag policy really limits your fashion choices. This was a huge hit. Someone with style really was thinking with this one. Glad that I bought it! Pretty! Great quality!

by Julia on 02/14/2019

Love this tote bag soooo much!

by Diane on 02/14/2019

I've only used it for a few weeks so far, but it is fabulous! Just a great bag!

by Jayesh on 02/14/2019

Big enough to fit my laptop and leather notebook inside, strong enough so I don't have to worry about the extra weight and still looks good when I only have my wallet and stuff in it.

by Maura N on 02/14/2019

Beautiful! Perfect size, shape, shoulder strap. Perfect.

by J on 02/14/2019

I took a risk getting a half size smaller than i typically wear, but they fit wonderfully and were very comfortable!

by Kylie Severin on 02/14/2019

Love this bag! It was exactly as I had imagined it would be. Lots of room inside. And the pouch that came with it is perfect for a night out on the town without having to carry a big purse.

by Tanya on 02/14/2019

Love this purse! It looks expensive but is not. It has plenty of compartments to keep all your things orderly. Great size, not to big, not to small.

by AprilWhine on 02/13/2019

Very cute bag and the colors go with so many outfits...

by Amanda L on 02/13/2019

This is a pretty nice bag. Great craftsmanship and quality. Which there were more neutral colors so I can buy more. I recommend!

by Pepper.M on 02/13/2019

This tote is superior quality, and actually one of my favorite bags I've ever purchased (even out of my Coach and Michael Kors). It is the perfect size, and the large compartments help me keep everything organized. The material is a super soft leather, the quality is there. Great!Absolutely no complaints!

by Kathy on 02/13/2019

PERFECT, just right. Not too big that you can't find anything, and definitely not small.

by Fry on 02/13/2019

I would recommend this when you want a uniquely designed crossbody purse.

by Angie on 02/13/2019

This purse is just beautiful and so well made. I was pleasantly surprise at such quality for a great price. expensive designer bag... elegantly presented. Taking it on a cruise and can’t wait to use it in the evening. Or even in the daytime too! Compliments to the seller!

by Plate on 02/13/2019

Well made and looks so cute in me.

by AAJill on 02/13/2019

This is an awesome handbag!! For the price- it is such a bargain!The leather material is good quality. strap is also good quality!

by Ang27 on 02/13/2019

I have Never left a review before but I have been so happy with it!!! I liked The price much better. It’s so cute inside and outside!!

by Kaiena on 02/12/2019

Love this navy bag, it looks classy

by Gane on 02/12/2019

Every girl need this stylish bags for new season.

by Lia le. on 02/12/2019

Just received my new bag. So far I love it. It looks well made. The color is more orange than brown. It will wear well with black as well as brown, creams, etc. I would recommend it.

by Ginna on 02/12/2019

I just love it. It is extremely sturdy and well made and I'm sure it will last a very long time and the leather will get finer with age. I'm so tempted to order the tan one as well because it took me so long to find a purse of this style that worked this well for me. I highly recommend this tote bag!

by Susan G. on 02/12/2019

For someone who prefers understated, classic style, this would be a really nice quality bag.

by Janet Schwartz on 02/12/2019

Perfect size purse. Good quality, It holds necessities, is a great size - not too big, just right.fits my small baby wipes, and hobo international wallet, plus all my small misc items. Color is wonderful, I receive many compliments. Thank you.

by Mother Of Momo on 02/12/2019

Nice item, well priced, all good. Totally recommend!

by AndreAinPA on 01/31/2019

Great size, sturdy construction. Straps could be a little bit thicker for the size of the bag but overall it satisfies the purpose.

by Haley on 01/31/2019

Nice bag!

by MeMay215 on 01/31/2019

This bag is worth the money and then some. Simple and light weight.

by Pattieflafla on 01/31/2019

I purchased this bag in brown to use for recent travel. It is so much nicer than I anticipated and I love it!

by SyndeeLew on 01/31/2019

Love this bag!! Perfect size to hold all my stuff and very lightweight.

by Itzabitz on 01/31/2019

I am actually amazed about the quality for the price. It smells like leather and is made well.

by Karin Herzele on 01/31/2019

It's so beautiful and amazing. The size is perfect and the quality is excellent. it looks very classy and beautiful. and the color looks exactly as the picture so pretty. black. so elegant. The good thing is it can be carried two ways, it has additional chain strap to hold as side bags. It is very light too so easy to carry.It is totally worth it and in love with this bag.

Baginning is ranked 4.9 out of 5. Based on 4181 user reviews.