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by Adriana on 05/22/2018

I love the color! And it got here really fast as well. I it's a really good size it's not too small, but I it's perfect to carry around!

by ivy on 05/22/2018

I really like it it was bigger that what I thought it fits a lot of stuff the only think I notice it a little hard, but even my iPhone 7 Plus fit perfectly and more ...

by AAAADDD on 05/22/2018

Loved this purse for nfl game!

by Tara Fisher on 05/22/2018

This bag is good-sized and pretty good quality. The plastic material makes it stiff which can make it a pain to open, but this also means it won’t as easily warp with usage.

by Vavavanessa on 05/22/2018


by Brandi Lee on 05/22/2018

Love it! I can only use a clear bag at work and I prefer to add my own flare to life and this achieved just that! So many compliments

by katia rodriguez on 05/22/2018

So Beautiful ! it looks amazing , my niece loved it for hergift ! amazing quality

by Anon on 05/22/2018

I receive a lot of compliments on this purse regularly. Definitely worth the price.

by Ashley H on 05/22/2018

I was worried it would be completely translucent and I'm not one for that since I like my personal possessions kept private, so I was absolutely thrilled when it came slightly more opaque than I was expecting. Perfect size for small wallet, keys, phone and a few extras.

by Darwin2018 on 05/22/2018

LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Very Pretty. Well packed...thank you for that! Delivery time EXCELLENT!!

by Olivia on 05/22/2018

This bag exceeded my expectations. It actually looks classy.

by Melody on 05/22/2018

I love this purse very roomy inside! I would definitely buy this purse again!

by Meloy on 05/22/2018

It arrived on time it did have a slight odor but after a day or two it went away!

by Melone on 05/22/2018

For the price this bag is great. I really love it, it looks and feels like it is decent quality and holding up so far.

by Vinky on 05/22/2018

Overall it's a pretty stylish bag and a reasonable price

by Vicky on 05/22/2018

Time will tell but I like the shape and size of it.

by Vian on 05/22/2018

The picture was accurate in its color and it seems to be good quality.

by Henry on 05/22/2018

It looks and feels great. Easy to clean.

by Jennifer on 05/22/2018

Bigger than expected. Strap is skinny and a little long. But it is well made and chic.

by Arnhold on 05/22/2018

Wipe the materal down if it gets dirty with no worries. Soooooo for the asking price, i say its a good buy.

by Ellen on 05/22/2018

I had low expectations but was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of this bag! The material feels very nice (not that cheap feeling plastic I feared)

by Peach on 05/21/2018

My mom works in retail and she needed a clear purse. I got this for her and she has been in love with it. She gets compliments all the time.

by Sean on 05/21/2018

Sturdy and strong plastic.. the chain strap is good quality ..

by Petro on 05/21/2018

They don't have to be large baggies, ladies. This one gets me stopped at the bag check line every time.... everyone wants one!

by Rox on 05/21/2018

This one is perfect.

by Amyia on 05/21/2018

I am very happy with my purchase.

by Worsh on 05/21/2018

I wasn't sure what to expect with a price of $37.99 for a plastic bag. However, I changed my mind when I received it. The bag is made out of a thick plastic and can carry quite a lot. The turnlock was sturdy and provided a bit of security if I accidentally dropped the bag.

by Noam on 05/21/2018

I just love the way it looks and it seems very sturdy, nice and chic. Love that I can show off my cool flashy wallet, pink sparkly phone, and other cute things even while they are in my bag!

by Summer on 05/21/2018

this is a high quality bag.

by Mami on 05/21/2018

This bag is beautifully well made. I purchased a lesser expensive bag that looks like this one, but there definitely is a quality difference.This bag which I purchased for $38 is so much better than the one I purchased for around $28.00.

by Alexandria Boman on 05/21/2018


by Hair & makeup guru on 05/21/2018

Love love this purse. Very stylish and can make any outfit pop.

by Vavavanessa on 05/21/2018

Bought as a gift after getting so many compliments on mine which is made slightly different

by katia rodriguez on 05/21/2018

So Beautiful ! it looks amazing, my niece loved it for her gift ! amazing quality

by Gloria Gope on 05/21/2018

It's stylish and cute. Small, but looks amazing!!

by TMTime on 05/21/2018

Much nicer than expected. Perfectly stylish enough for more daily use.

by Cassidy Culp on 05/21/2018

This is the perfect bag! I got mine in Black so it would match any sports team and love it so much! It fits my iPhone 6s plus and a little wallet, my sunglasses and gum! Could hold a couple more items too! I definitely recommend!

by Lacey on 05/19/2018

Couldn't ask for a more perfect bag :D

by Emila on 05/19/2018

I purchased this Clear bag for when we go to the Theme Parks. Very Stylish!

by Ramire on 05/19/2018

It was I had expected so it is great for me! kind of confusing trying to open it, just use the front buttons to do so

Baginning is ranked 4.85 out of 5. Based on 2564 user reviews.