Black Friday 2021 - Baginning

Black Friday 2021 - Baginning

Black Friday 2021 - Baginning

The Season of Savings Event is on, with tons of deals on holiday tote bag, work handbags, party clutch bag and everything else your outfits might need.

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Pearls, Pastels, and Plastic Eggs - I do deClaire / Laura

Pearls, Pastels, and Plastic Eggs - I do deClaire /  Laura

Pearls, Pastels, and Plastic Eggs - I do deClaire


navy easter dress, light blue quilted bag, long sleeve navy dress


navy easter dress, light blue quilted bag, long sleeve navy dress
navy easter dress, light blue quilted bag, long sleeve navy dress


navy easter dress, light blue quilted bag, long sleeve navy dress
navy easter dress, light blue quilted bag, long sleeve navy dress

I shared this outfit to instagram on Tuesday, but wanted to share it here as well. Last year we didn’t have the opportunity to dress up for Easter at all, but at least this year we will be spending it with some family! I got some adorable matching jumpers for the girls to wear fromSparkle in Pink. By the way, I let Claire narrow the Easter outfit choices down.

Wrong choice. She is now officially obsessed with everything from Sparkle in Pink. She wants it all! It was our first time ordering and I was pretty happy with the sizing and prices.

I didn’t have any outfit in mind until this absolutely gorgeous light blue leather bagcame in the mail from Baginning. The pastel blue is so beautiful and works perfectly around Eastertime! To avoid looking like an Easter egg, I let that pastel color shine on its own and wore thisnavy dressI got last fall from Shein, which is still available. Later this spring I still want to try pairing it with some brights or other pastel shades. Add in some pearl accessories and I’m ready to go for Easter by mostly shopping my closet!

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      Blue Leather Linear Quilted Lock Crossbody Purse with Chain Strap

There are various options open to you.

PInk, Blue, Silver, Black

Shopping's a real chore for me. There are so many things I like.💖


Baginning Leather Woven Bag

Baginning Leather Woven Bag

Essex girl white shoes and bag like no other

" It’s been many years since I’ve had a pair of white shoes or sandals on my feet. The rumour about Essex girls and then me, born and bred in Essex didn’t bode well!

I’ve always hated that rumour. And yes, I do have that Essex girl twang but I’m not and never have been the Essex girl everyone reads about or watches on tv! "

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Leather Intrecciato Crossbody Purses Flap Shoulder Bags

Dimensions: 23CM*14CM*5CM
Material: Genuine Leather
Gender: female
Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Color: White
Occasion: Anniversary, Date, Going out, Hanging out

I spotted this chic leather woven bag on a new to me brand called Baginning. The brand asked if I would like a gift to share with you and after browsing many bags, this is the one I chose.

A pair of white sandals to match my bag was required and with that I chose a blazer, trousers and cami top. True to me classic style.

I’m pleased with the bag. Good leather and the finish is really good.
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Travel With Your Bag

Travel With Your Bag

Travel With Your Bag

  • This is a beautiful girl from France.

  • It was a pleasant trip because of its beauty and proximity.There was football last night, so I chose my plan for the day.

Blue sky, White House.Each other, so beautiful.

She equipped himself for the journey. ----- Croco Mini Bags

Nothing can awake her interest in this trip.

Travel gives us a worthy and improving pleasure.

And We learned so much on this trip, about ourselves and the world we live in.

The hot sun glared down on the travelers. Love this, All!


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Cloud Genuine Leather Purses

Cloud Genuine Leather Purses

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Beige Cute Cloud Genuine Leather Magnetic Closure Shoulder Bags Purse




Are you looking for Retro Croco ? #fashion

Are you looking for Retro Croco ? #fashion

If today you don't like yourself more than yesterday, so what's the meaning of tomorrow?


💖Patricia S** : "¿Os gusta el look de hoy?"

💛💕My answer is Yes.

Smile!  Let everyone know that today you are a lot stronger than you were yesterday… and you will be.
Patricia S** is one pretty lady. She smiles all the time, plays, lives a normal life.
I'm very glad you like our products.
Thank you for your appreciation of our products.
Women will be like a sunflower, smile, strong.
“ I have my own unique character , live my own life , live by myself , do myself."
In Baginning,You will give you what you want. It's a part of yours.
Let‘s GO ! ! ! Beginning !
Croc Embossed Leather Purse

More Color.....

lets you live the life of a star!

Become the most popular girl !

The Fashion News You Missed This Purse. #love #fashion #baginning

Cosa mi metto's New Bag Review.

Cosa mi metto's New Bag Review.

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Sara Dunaj's Review Show about "Black Cross-body Bags with White and Black Stripes Bow"

Sara Dunaj's Review Show about "Black Cross-body Bags with White and Black Stripes Bow"

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Thanks for Sare Dunaj's kindly Review blog post!




4 Colors Clutch Make You Radiant to Join a Wedding

4 Colors Clutch Make You Radiant to Join a Wedding

Weddings and fashion go together, there’s no way you will show up at a wedding dressed down. You will look odd. A clutch bag is a necessary accessory to complete your outfit.

Clutch bags are not just sensational; they are an all-time fashion accessory. They are not meant for the bridal party only. No girl wants to be in the line looking fancy but holding a napkin in the hand. You want to shine from top to bottom and nothing compliments that better than a good clutch bag.

No matter how flashy the groom is, the attention will always lean towards the bride and her friends. If this is not happening, something is really wrong. So now, how do we avoid that? We look the part and you choose the best color for wedding clutch.

Do you want to look radiant at the next wedding you attend? Let me show you how. There is a myriad of choices but here we get to list for you only the best and most fashionable wedding clutches.

First, we have the most preferred clutch. Not just for weddings, just look around during other occasions.


The Silver Wedding Clutch

Shop this collection here:

Silver is a perfect match for light blue, light green, light pink, light purple and light yellow. You have the option of matching with black but we don’t wear black to weddings? Do we? If we were, this would be the best color for wedding clutch.

These clutches are of various sizes, styles, and designs. They are designed to carry just a few items, probably a make-up kit, few napkins, and wipes. You won’t turn it onto a handbag I hope.

Let’s look at another color option.


The Champagne Wedding Clutch

Shop this collection here:

Do you love chocolates? You will probably fall in love with champagne clutch bags too. They are a lovely match for anything with a brown tint. Try these awesome clutches with caramel or light tan. These champagne clutches are also a good compliment to pink, subtle brown, beige and some shades of peach and green.

Are you still looking for the right color for wedding clutch? There’s more where these came from.

Let’s have look at this one.


The White Wedding Clutch

Shop this collection here:

Technically, it’s impossible to ignore white. For starters, most brides wear white. You want to carry a clutch that connects with their theme. One thing I can assure you, white clutch bags will never go out of fashion.

Furthermore, white combines well with almost all colors. The best color combination for a white wedding clutch would be red, black and blue. If you get this white clutch alongside a rose red or wine red outfit, you will definitely make every head turn.

Finally, we look at one more -- it is another irresistible option!


The Gold Wedding Clutch

Shop this collection here:

Most of us struggle with impulse buying. For me, when it comes to gold, it’s like this addiction that keeps bugging. Even if we have that lame excuse of retail therapy, most of us are guilty as charged.

Gold is beautiful, lustrous, exquisite… derailing. It’s hard to say no especially when there’s a wedding to attend.

Match this beautifully designed gold clutch with cream, red, dark blue, dark purple, emerald green… clearly, we are spoilt for choice.

Another secret that women don’t tell about the clutch bag, it’s not so much a carrier for make-up or an accessory to make you radiant in a wedding. No! They actually help our hands not to sag idle. I’m sure you know that uneasy feeling you have when you have no pockets, nothing in the hands and you are not sure where to keep your hands.

If you fold them, you look reserved as if you’re indicating to people “keep off”. If you keep them straight and free, you look tired or bored. If you carry them at the back, it’s even worse. A clutch bag instantly becomes your savior for the moment.

A beautifully adorned clutch bag makes you look elegant and confident.

You have my permission, the next time you want retail therapy, you know what to get and where. Also, these clutch bags make a perfect gift for any woman close to you.

Look Fashionable with a Clear Purse

Look Fashionable with a Clear Purse

Shop Clear Purse here:

They come in different styles, designs and sizes to suit your needs. Clear purses are gaining popularity far and wide among different people across the globe. In fact, they are trendy, modern and a symbol of beauty that defies all kinds of weather conditions.

If you want to flaunt your stylish and latest iPhone, a set of makeup or any kind of paraphernalia that you consider to be of great value, a clear purse should be your ultimate choice.

The trend might appear to be recent but the truth is it keeps on appearing and disappearing with different generations. Whichever the case, these stylish see-through purses are a revolution in the making among the fashion-conscious young and old women in major cities.

Just like an epidemic, the use of transparent purses has spread and a number of fashion stores seem to be getting overwhelmed by the ever-increasing demand. As a woman, don't feel left out in this fashion revolution that seems to be gaining its momentum as time elapses.

In a world of insecurity and uncertainty, transparency is paramount. You don't need to empty it at the security check neither do you have to worry about losing a lipstick or an eye-pencil, because the entire purse is more secure and practical beyond your wild imagination.

Most significantly, you don't have to worry about it getting dirty or wet but what you need to do is simply wiping it and you are good to go. Also, they are light and offer many options when it comes to types of straps attached to them.

You can choose one with a shiny silvery or golden strap or simply settle for a leather strapped clear purse to add some glamour to your dress code and personality in a simple way.

However, if you are the modest type of a woman, you will find rather awkward pulling this stunt in public but you can overcome your weakness so you may stand out from the rest.

Choose that clear purse that you will you find convenient and appropriate to give you confidence as you move around while running your usual errands. As a matter of fact, there are various designs you can choose from including the bucket and smaller clear purses that come with an array of colors that you will find quite fascinating.

In addition, you need a clear purse due to its versatility and it has more added advantages that you will not find with other brands of purses. On top of that, your precious items are safe and secure especially from the cruel rainy weather because the purse is usually water resistant and strong.

Besides, it is light in weight and easy to handle and maintain without worrying about any changes in design and size as you continue using it.

Well, if you don't have one, don't feel out of place. There is enough for everyone and designers are fully committed to ensuring that no one misses out on these trendy and fashionable see-through bags.

Spare a few coins to purchase your favorite design of these purses and be part of the dynamic society when it comes to fashion.

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