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  • Color & Pattern: Orange

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Orange Wallet Latest Reviews

This is a beautiful wallet! The design, color, cost and space for everything including iPhone 6S plus with a bumper case is exactly what I was hoping for.

review by jael on 4/8/2018

Nice wallet! Lightweight yet roomy. I can get everything I needed to in here with room to spare, yet it is not too big for inside my purse. Wish it had an optional wrist strap, but I never thought ...

review by Cali on 4/7/2018

I am a small elderly lady who has found that the bigger the purse the more stuff goes into that bag just in case. The in case rarely occurs. Underneath my drivers license are cards related to ...

review by Huffy on 4/3/2018

This wallet is reasonably thin for something that holds so much. I've had others that were too wide and bulky to fit into most of my purses. The surface finish is smooth and the color is ...

review by jcat on 4/2/2018