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Buy now for Burgundy vintage backpacks right now, any kind of retro design and color for vintage backpack at baginning.com.

Burgundy ladies bags are the great alternative to black bags & go with just about all color. As the deeper cousin to the vibrant and fiery red, burgundy can feel like a standout color.

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Burgundy Vintage Backpacks Latest Reviews

Like always, I'm impressed. The backpack tends to last a lifetime!! Very durable, strong, & sturdy. Great for college students!! Love love love my bag!

review by Alexandra Piszko on 4/29/2021

Highly recommend this backpack. I recently used it on our trip to Europe. It fit my digital camera, light sweater and wallet perfectly. I received a lot of compliments too.

review by Lindsey W. on 11/30/2020

This backpack bag is absolutely gorgeous.The quality was excellent.I love that it’s professional and feminine. Seriously highly recommend this bag for a college student who doesn't like backpacks.

review by Tim on 9/11/2019