Light-blue Tote Bag With Zipper

Light-blue Tote bag has the zipper to keep you wallet more sate and won't get lost easily whenever to travel or shopping outside, more styles of Light-blue tote bags with zipper at Baginning.
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  • Color & Pattern: Light-blue

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Light-blue Tote Bag With Zipper Latest Reviews

This tote is gorgeous. It is very well-constructed, and very attractive. I received compliments on it the first time I used it.

review by Mss Chris on 3/4/2019

Exactly what I expected! I felt like an appreciated customer and it’s the perfect size and GREAT quality! It’s my daily, go to purse for ALL occasions!Cyan color is a beautiful clear color. and ...

review by Valorey Jenkins on 2/25/2019

This bag is my absolute favorite. Got it in just two days!!! Love it so much!!! Gives me the “luxury” handbag feel without the price tag!! Definitely recommend this bag!!

review by Kacie C. on 8/6/2018

The leather feels wonderful, thick and beautiful. I love the BLUE ! I've carried this handbag twice now and I really like it. Even though it was an impulse buy I'm happy I took a chance and ...

review by Luisa I. on 8/6/2018
3 Item(s)