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$0.00 - $39.99 Sequin clutches impressed chic design, our store offer high-quality and most-loved styles of sequin clutches for girls.

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$0.00 - $39.99 Sequin Clutches Latest Reviews

Bautiful bag. Elegant.

review by Jessica on 4/20/2018

If you love peacock feathers, you will absolutely love this purse. Beautiful bead work. After receiving it, I could not believe the value for the money I paid! Looks hand made. I can't wait to ...

review by JR_415 on 4/10/2018

This purse is beautiful. I don't go out a lot so I had to buy a purse for an evening event. This one looked unique and like I could use it more than once. The beading is very well done. The purse ...

review by J Anderson on 4/10/2018

I love the bag...IT IS BEAUTIFUL, but I have a large Samsung phone and I don't like taking the protective cover off. If you have a large phone and don't mind taking off the protective cover, then ...

review by Deborah Tinsley Pledger on 4/10/2018

I purchased this bag as a holiday present for my daughter-in-law who loves peacock colors and items. When the bag arrived at my home and I opened the box to check it out, I was very pleasantly ...

review by MistyShadows on 4/10/2018