Green Satchel Bag

Functional Green Satchel bag with the strap cross the body and other option of two shorts handles on top, choose the convenient way to take the satchel bag in your daily life.
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  • Color & Pattern: Green

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Green Satchel Bag Latest Reviews

It's a cute purse. It holds a wallet, cell phone, lip stick and a few other small items. I am in love with this purse. It is gorgeous and practical.

review by T. Thompson on 5/24/2020

The leather is soft and the quality is good. I believe if you take proper care of their products they will stay as fresh as a daisy for many years. It will never go out of style either. It is a ...

review by lynn on 5/20/2020

This vintage bag is adorable and everybody loves it. Holds my wallet, my change purse, my iPhone, my check book, my keys, my meds, ETC! It’s amazing. Probably will buy even more colors for next ...

review by KANE on 5/19/2020

Absolutely love this cute bag! It’s a good size, it’s not too big or too small, it fits everything I need to bring — wallet, phone, keys, makeup, etc. and still had plenty of room. So far so good!

review by Egza on 5/17/2020

I was looking for a green satchel bag and this bag was it. I can put my notebook, the charger and a couple of folders into the bag. This bag is well made and looks great. I got a lot of ...

review by Heidi Coffey on 5/13/2020

This is one of the most attractive purses I've purchased in a long time. The quality is fantastic. I love the way it is made and the Croc-Effect and roomy space.

review by Sahrish Ahmad on 4/23/2020

I love it, holds everything that I carry. Everywhere aI go it's an eye catcher. I get compliments about it..especially the colour.

review by Terry on 3/1/2020

I really like this purse. Look small at first but I found they are in fact spacious, just well-structured so they don't look bulky. It's beautfiul is jus like the picture and the color is breath ...

review by Rebeca on 12/24/2019

It's super cute and small but can fit all my essential stuff. Works great!

review by Crystal on 12/23/2019

It's a quality bag and I just want the small one because I already have big one. Its great for me.

review by Anna on 12/11/2019