Yellow Paper Ladies Purse

Yellow Paper Ladies purse are absolute for all-year-around needs, ideal bags option for daytime event or nighttime party. Colorful styles of lady's purse just like women's attitude for life to be cute, kind or independence, let's shopping right now for purse at Baginning.

Yellow bags are the bag trends that we can expect all the fashion girls slinging around their arms this summer. Yellow represents happiness, hope and sunlight.

Bags comes with paper made from tree which benefits of decomposes much more quick. Paper bag is more recycle as known for people.

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  • Color: Yellow
  • Material: Paper

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Yellow Paper Ladies Purse Latest Reviews

I love this bag! It's just what I was looking for to use every day. It's perfect and great quality!!

review by Demi H. on 5/11/2021

Super happy with this purchase. Such a cute mini purse :)

review by Brannon V on 6/15/2020

It’s so cute! And cheap! Cheap and cute! Just like me!Love it.!

review by JesseD on 5/14/2018

I love all kinds of fruits bags, I have many bags at home, and it's my favorite bag now.

review by Emerson on 4/11/2018

Cute, cute, cute!!!

review by Mine on 4/10/2018

Have had many complements about it. Love the shape, it just looks like a real pineapple.

review by Tata on 4/10/2018