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Date Genuine Leather Genuine leather handbags, our store offer high quality, affordable price also gorgeous design for you. Let's stock up there right now for Date Genuine Leather genuine-leather handbag right now!

Genuine leather is cow leather with humanized process not to allow cruel treatment of animals but not to damage original material. Our genuine leather bags, made with fine craftmanship and careful packaging, worth the investment. Buy now, wear forever.

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Date Genuine Leather Genuine Leather Handbags Latest Reviews

I love this purse. It is so cute and stylish. So well made. Absolutely love the purse !

review by Toni S. on 10/30/2020

Cute bag. Just as pictured and great craftsmanship. Nice material for real leather. Hardware is nice. Stands well on it's own. Nice and roomy. Great buy!

review by AlwaysShopping on 10/30/2020

I like it a lot because of its size and color. I can just throw my phone and wallet in there and throw it over my shoulder.

review by Joaquin Mendoza on 10/29/2020

Great size for general outings. Matches with any occasion and stylish on simplicity.

review by Monique L. on 10/28/2020

Beautiful artisanship in the handmade design. It’s a great size to accommodate all that I may need for a busy day.

review by Valerie Haynes on 10/28/2020

I love this purse. I love the look and especially the fringe. The leather is of good quality and the stitching very detailed. It holds all my items.

review by Roerish on 10/28/2020

This is a beautiful handbag. The crafting on it is excellent. Wonderful workmanship. I'm proud to own it.

review by Glamour Girl on 10/26/2020

A very nice bag! The leather smells nice and feels soft. The strap is leather, adjustable and not bulky. Great quality.

review by NW Pagan on 10/24/2020

I used this bag for both work and casual outing. It is a great buy for me and a must-have for you.

review by Cynthia A. on 10/23/2020

I'm seriously loving this handbag. I usually only carry my wallet, keys, some hand sanitizer, and a coin purse with odds and ends in it. You can fit a bit more in this bag, but for my essentials ...

review by Mindi L Snyder on 10/23/2020