Floral Evening Bags

Floral Evening bags specially designed to to every party or prom you're invited, the more sparkly for the evening bag the more impressed for you at night.
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Floral Evening Bags Latest Reviews

Great clutch! You can fit a cell phone, keys and a few other small pieces it it. The finishing is good, love the texture and the front flower details.

review by Cheri on 11/25/2019

This is is sooooo beautiful, exactly what I thought it would be and needed it to be!!! It’s style is so unique & looks way more expensive. I have received many compliments because people certainly ...

review by Stephanie on 11/14/2019

My wife bought this for our wedding reception, Great looking stylish bag!

review by XX Pentangelo on 6/14/2019

Purchased this to use during the evenings while on vacation. Lightweight, cute little bag

review by Amyp on 12/10/2018

its gorgeous,perfect size,and has a optional strap if needed...I will reuse over n over again!

review by Leete on 12/10/2018

Beautiful purse!

review by Kyle on 4/8/2018

Good looking bag! Great price!

review by T. L on 4/8/2018

I bought for my mom.She is really socially invipved and is always attending different social events and parties and always has sophistication s with tidy hand bags. For me it was the color of the ...

review by jessie on 4/4/2018

The flowers closuring and the rhinestones and the color are all very pretty! !

review by Gemgal on 4/4/2018

This is a very beautiful red bag with plenty of room for must have makeup for touch ups and credit cards and your cellphone. It's very convenient and the perfect size for a night out or to give as ...

review by Kyle on 4/3/2018