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Khaki Clear bags & jelly bag mostly water-resistant and strong-gloss sense, especially differs with casual bags as the material. If you are searching for some bags individually, don't hesitate to shop Khaki clear bag and jelly bag at Baginning.
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  • Color & Pattern: Khaki

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Khaki Clear Bags & Jelly Bags Latest Reviews

This is EXACTLY what I needed to complete my outfit! Love it so far.

review by alexia rochell on 5/24/2019

Omg i love this bag so much i got it in 3 colors!. After I ordered it in white and saw the incredible quality and the size is great, id say its medium size. I hate small bags that I cannot fit all ...

review by @Maia on 4/22/2019

So so cute and even better quality than expected at a great price. Love the material.

review by Kim on 4/11/2019

Loved the bag!!! Its not the greatest material but for the price it makes a really good purchase:)

review by Iskra martinez on 4/2/2019

Purchased the White bag to use at an NFL stadium and plan to continue using it for college games. The main part of the bag are 36x26x28. There is also a small pocket inside the bag. The inside ...

review by Karla on 12/14/2018


review by miyabimiki&touma on 12/14/2018

I haven't used it yet but I inspected it and it seems to be well made and this might just be my khaki obsession speaking here but OMG it's pretty yet simple

review by Binny on 12/12/2018

Exactly what I was looking for! I need it for college football games to get into the stadium. It comes with the strap as expected so you can covert it into a satchel as well. Quality is great and ...

review by YYamida on 11/8/2018

I love this bag so much.

review by K on 11/7/2018

I loved everything about it. So glad I decided to buy.What a great bag! I do not worry about carrying my personal items in this bag when we go to the arena or stadium. Love....Love....Love the ...

review by Tessa on 9/13/2018
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