$40.00 and above Rattan Beach Bag

$40.00 and above Rattan Beach bag is must have include straw bag or clear bag, both of them to be a functional bag for your outside to beach. Browse trendy $40.00 and above Rattan Beach Bags for women at Baginning right now.
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  • Price: $40.00 and above
  • Material: Rattan

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$40.00 and above Rattan Beach Bag Latest Reviews

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag! It's of great quality and unlike other similar style bags, So glad I made this purchase and I highly recommend it.

review by Sheri on 4/4/2019

Great quality. Used for a cruise and during beach trips. Fits a lot and straps are comfortable. Pleased with purchase.

review by ChooseLove on 4/13/2018

Also heading to the beach and planning to use this bag as it will make a great transition bag from day into night.

review by Kimber on 4/10/2018

I will use this bag almost every day when summer is coming.

review by Line on 4/10/2018

The inside is nicely lined with a durable, attractive fabric.

review by Ken on 4/10/2018

It's really cute inside and out, love this ( :

review by laura on 4/10/2018

Straw bag arrived when it was supposed to. It is made of paper straw and does not fall out. It is somewhat stiff, but holds shape well. Lining is pretty paisley acetate and has helpful pockets and ...

review by Connie on 4/8/2018

The scarf make this bag looks different from the casual straw bag, love it.

review by Sharon on 4/3/2018

Cute bag, and i love colorful pompon on the bag.

review by Jay on 4/3/2018

Perfect summer handbag! I was originally looking at designer ones for $100 and I am so glad I picked this it's beautiful! Highly recommend if your looking to try this trendy bag out!

review by Jane on 4/2/2018