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The Look for Less

The Look for Less

  • The Look for Less!!

  • Plaid Jacket and Jeans are my daily look.

" Torebka to moja nowa perełka pochodzi ze sklepu Baggining. Jest totalną replika znanej torebki Dior Saddle Bag. Torebka ta jest wykonana bardzo dobrze posiada wszystkie elementy kultowego modelu Diora. Jedyną jej wadą jest rozmiar oprócz telefonu i portfela nie dałam rady nic w nią więcej wcisnąć. Jej pasek idealnie wpasował mi się w odcienie widniejące na kurtce. Ostatnimi już dodatkami do tego looku były czerwone okrągłe okulary, złote wisiorki od Bonprix oraz czerwona matowa szminka od Golden Rose. Jak wam się podoba taka stylizacja z dużą męską kurtką."

With all fashion trends from the '90s currently experiencing a surge in popularity (think chunky sneakers, bike shorts, mom jeans, and neon), the saddle is in the style spotlight again. Once a favorite of Paris Hilton, Carrie Bradshaw and other icons of the '90s and early '00s,  in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. It's available in leather calfskin, canvas, or embroidered versions. The signature asymmetric shape haven't changed at all. The bag can look with a plaid jacket and stylish jeans.

The Look for Less

On Baginning, You can create some of your own styles and themes.



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Travel With Your Bag

Travel With Your Bag

Travel With Your Bag

  • This is a beautiful girl from France.

  • It was a pleasant trip because of its beauty and proximity.There was football last night, so I chose my plan for the day.

Blue sky, White House.Each other, so beautiful.

She equipped himself for the journey. ----- Croco Mini Bags

Nothing can awake her interest in this trip.

Travel gives us a worthy and improving pleasure.

And We learned so much on this trip, about ourselves and the world we live in.

The hot sun glared down on the travelers. Love this, All!


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Cloud Genuine Leather Purses

Cloud Genuine Leather Purses

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Beige Cute Cloud Genuine Leather Magnetic Closure Shoulder Bags Purse




Are you looking for Retro Croco ? #fashion

If today you don't like yourself more than yesterday, so what's the meaning of tomorrow?

💖Patricia S** : "¿Os gusta el look de hoy?"

💛💕My answer is Yes.

Smile!  Let everyone know that today you are a lot stronger than you were yesterday… and you will be.
Patricia S** is one pretty lady. She smiles all the time, plays, lives a normal life.
I'm very glad you like our products.
Thank you for your appreciation of our products.
Women will be like a sunflower, smile, strong.
“ I have my own unique character , live my own life , live by myself , do myself."
In Baginning,You will give you what you want. It's a part of yours.
Let‘s GO ! ! ! Beginning !
Croc Embossed Leather Purse

More Color.....

lets you live the life of a star!

Become the most popular girl !

The Fashion News You Missed This Purse. #love #fashion #baginning

Cosa mi metto's New Bag Review.

Cosa mi metto's New Bag Review.

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Sara Dunaj's Review Show about "Black Cross-body Bags with White and Black Stripes Bow"

Sara Dunaj's Review Show about "Black Cross-body Bags with White and Black Stripes Bow"

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