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  • Material: Paper rope

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Paper rope Vintage Backpacks Latest Reviews

So cute & unique. Receive many compliments on this little cutie. I've taken it to the zoo and on a cruise and was able to fit 1 diaper rolled up and a few of my personal items (glasses, wallet, ...

review by Yalatorre on 5/28/2020

It’s super cute. Pretty spacious, the bag is sturdy and I love the base of it! I can’t wait to take it on vacation!

review by Sofia on 4/28/2020

When I received it... very happy... This bag should not be used to carry heavy things or to over stuff it. The straps have a very modest attachment to the bag itself... I reinforced my bag but ...

review by A Nichols on 3/27/2019

I liked the color and the texture.

review by Sangon on 4/12/2018

I have had it several months and would purchase again.

review by Twil on 4/12/2018