Paper Straw Tote

Paper Straw tote is functional for women, you can hold computer or kid's toys to go outside but to carry lightly with less burden on hand. Cute simple design of Paper straw totes we have are all at Baginning.

Bags comes with paper made from tree which benefits of decomposes much more quick. Paper bag is more recycle as known for people.

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  • Material: Paper

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Paper Straw Tote Latest Reviews

This bag is large, solidly built and very attractive. I use it in my bathroom as storage; it works perfectly, holding foaming bath salts, bars of soap, q tips, lotion, facial wipes, razors. Were I ...

review by L. Smith on 7/7/2019

It's a good size. Not too huge but big enough to carry stuff.

review by Cyar on 4/10/2018

Cute and roomy bag.

review by Emily on 4/9/2018

Definitely my new fav little purse... doesn't hold too much tho but I already knew it wasn't going too when I ordered it and I'm cool with that! Encourages me to travel light

review by Binny on 4/3/2018

A birthday gift for my daughter (she loved it) and her daughter said, "can i borrow that?"

review by Susan on 4/3/2018