Beige Hanging out Straw Tote

Beige Hanging out Straw tote is functional for women, you can hold computer or kid's toys to go outside but to carry lightly with less burden on hand. Cute simple design of Beige Hanging out straw totes we have are all at Baginning.
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  • Color & Pattern: Beige
  • Occasion: Hanging out

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Beige Hanging out Straw Tote Latest Reviews

It came in a really nice package and the complete bag was stunning, the material is strong, the straps are good

review by Gabriela Hernandez on 6/26/2019

What an adorable bag for the money. Got it in beige, it’s exactly as pictured!

review by Samantha on 5/19/2019

Love this summer bag! Went well with my outfit!

review by Mary on 5/15/2019

This tote was EXACTLY what I expected and more!

review by Cloap on 4/12/2018

Terrific bag! This is the second year I've bought one of these. Highly recommended.

review by Venita on 4/10/2018

I just received this bag and it is everything highly rated. The inside is beautiful pattern, very durable, very pleased! Highly recommend this purse!

review by Kamp on 4/10/2018

Perfect addition to my summer look. I purchase a straw bag every year it goes with many more outfits and seems to be a lot sturdier than those I have spent way more $$ for in the past.

review by Carb on 4/10/2018

The inside is nicely lined with a durable, attractive fabric.

review by Ken on 4/10/2018

Beautiful, colorful lining!

review by Rongel on 4/10/2018

It's really cute inside and out, love this ( :

review by laura on 4/10/2018