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Work Small backpack gets popular recent year, more than just a bag, more like a need to be matched with daily dress. Work Small backpacks seem to be tiny but carried just in hand with cute design.

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Work Small Backpack Latest Reviews

This backpack is roomy, stylish, soft and I receive lots of compliments. Really nice bag!

review by Pat S. on 3/26/2021

Great purse! It goes well with my outfits, great gift as well.

review by Jaelyn Cain on 2/27/2021

I like the feel and quality of this bag. The craftsmanship is good!

review by Lendus on 2/26/2021

Love it, perfect size. I love the double strap to make it a perfect backpack. Exactly what I was looking for. It looks and feels great quality as well.

review by Navarro Albert on 12/29/2020

So far so good it’s a really cute bag, Super cute small backpack, held up in the rain so yay!

review by Belle on 12/19/2020

Love the bright color and size! The zippers are all in nice condition and there are lots of room! Perfect for traveling.

review by Britt1286 on 11/25/2020

Love the quality and unique design! It comes wrapped and protected like a treasure. It's comfortable to wear!

review by Soner on 11/16/2020

I wanted a purse that would last me for many years. I take it everywhere with me, and so far it is as solid as day 1. (It's been 6 months). I've gotten LOTS of compliments on it!

review by AngieA on 9/7/2020

Very cute backpack! The quality of the leather is impeccable. This is a small purse, yet big enough to hold your essentials on date night or a day out shopping. I'm very satisfied with this purchase.

review by Saray on 7/31/2020

I have had no issues with quality, and I've been using it consistently for months now. It still looks practically brand new. I would highly recommend.

review by Lauren S. on 7/9/2020