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Occasion like on the work, you need formal bag but on the beach, you need functional bag. So there would be varied of bags needed for different occasion. We can offer all kinds of bags to meet any occasion for you!
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Polyester Occasion Latest Reviews

I absolutely love, love, love this bag. It is beautiful and very well made.......definitely worth the buy.

review by MK on 2/21/2020

Needed a cute clutch to go with a bridesmaids dress and didn't want to spend a ton on something I would probably only use once, definitely worth the $56. It comes exactly as the picture shows and ...

review by Dominique on 11/24/2019

Perfect accompaniment to my moms gown for my daughters wedding!! Love it so much!

review by Stina on 11/22/2019

This is a beautifully rhinestone purse. It was perfect and looked classy. Also it holds my phone, lipstick and necessary items. It's of good quality and I'm saving it for other uses.

review by Michelle on 11/22/2019

I bought the pink one and love this bag. It's a great size for the gym or even for a weekend away. perfect for traveling and sportswear.

review by Megan on 11/18/2019

I use this for the gym and love it! I am not using it to its full potential but eventually, I will. Very big with lots of compartments.

review by Sara on 11/18/2019

Love this bag. The size from the outside look is not too big but the capacity is really surprised me when I keep putting stuffs in. I have already used this bag several times and have no ...

review by Natalie on 11/18/2019

The bag is perfect for gym or weekend travel and is made out from good material but light weights. Also, the waterproof compartment is perfect for my shampoo and conditioner. Love this bag so much!

review by Annie on 11/18/2019

I love this gym bag. It's spacious but not big or too bulky. The bag is well made and light weight and is now in my car all the time so I am ready when it's time to go. So glad I bought this!

review by Erica on 11/18/2019

It’s beautiful and I love it!

review by Christina on 7/7/2019