$40.00 and above PVC Mini Bag

$40.00 and above PVC Mini bag differ from medium or large size, the tiny body gets popular by women. Classic box $40.00 and above PVC mini bag or leather mini bag we all can offer for you in our store.

PVC is a solid plastic material normally with its model of transparent or other colors.PVC purse is the warm-wear trend for summer style-water resistant and durable features. Let’s enjoy tapping right into the comfort of PVC purse.

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  • Price: $40.00 and above
  • Material: PVC

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$40.00 and above PVC Mini Bag Latest Reviews

The size of the backpack is perfect to fit everything I need for work. The other bags are great as well and I love the variety of the bags. I currently use the cosmetic bag to store sanitary ...

review by Shonda C. on 4/22/2019

Fits perfect cross body.

review by Little wave on 3/28/2019

Oh so cute, and just the right size. Absolutely love it!

review by LinnieSea on 1/22/2019

Super cute lots of compliments!! Bout my daughter one because I loved it!!

review by SAM Sam on 1/22/2019

Great!This backpack is so cute !

review by Bond on 9/20/2018

I get compliments on it every time I use it!

review by haku on 9/20/2018

it’s the cutest it’s well made

review by Mazila on 8/31/2018

So cute! Love them!

review by Anjewel on 6/1/2018