Black School Leather Backpack

Black School Leather backpack can be used a long time and cleared more easily, great room of leather backpacks to allows holding lots of things also keeping their shape.

Black ladies bags last forever and never go out of style. Using the noble black color to explain the true meaning of casual matching. Black lady’s bag is ideal for both work and weekend wear.

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38 Item(s)


  • Color: Black
  • Occasion: School

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Black School Leather Backpack Latest Reviews

I love this backpack so much, it is so spacious, with numerous compartments; sturdy and strong. I have gotten many compliments and people asking where I got it. An absolutely amazing leather ...

review by Superego on 10/20/2020

This is a well made leather backpack. I was secretly hoping my daughter wouldn’t like it so that I could keep it for myself.

review by Sara Hurley on 9/29/2020

I have the larger version of this purse, have used for two years.. love it!

review by ClassyCasual on 9/28/2020

Excellent bag. Perfect storage spaces. I can get everything in it. Very happy with the purse!

review by HODGSON on 9/24/2020

It's fairly good quality for the price. It is very elegant I can take it perfectly to my office.

review by Diaz Family on 9/24/2020

I bought this backpack for work. It is just perfect!

review by ANNE on 9/23/2020

It’s a stylish and efficient bag with plenty of space for an iPad, chargers, business cards and other necessities.

review by NBucksMil on 9/23/2020

I bought this and it arrived on time. I love it and I use it for work and also for going out.

review by susy on 9/21/2020

This backpack purse is stunning!!!The adjustable straps are fine, & definitely worth it!!! Great purse!!!!

review by Karita on 9/18/2020

Great price, material and size. love this item, use it for evening class!

review by Cristina B. on 9/17/2020