Purple Ladies Wallet

Purple Ladies wallet light weight to carry for evening dress or casual occasion, eye-catching Purple lady's wallets can give good impression well.

Purple ladies bags are often favoured by noblewoman who is very elegant & creative. Purple is the most enigmatic colour, with the range of meanings - from royal to elegant to spiritual to mysterious. Welcome to shop one of the chic purple lady’s bag below.

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  • Color: Purple

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Purple Ladies Wallet Latest Reviews

so glad to find a RFID wallet with a checkbook compartment.

review by moshopper on 4/9/2018

So beautiful I like it so much pretty size pretty calor now I use it every time when I go to shopping

review by Shihongwu on 4/9/2018

received wallet today. It seems to work really well, it is slim and compact just what I was looking for. Love the color. Only have a few credit cards and that is why I ordered this slim wallet. It ...

review by Bonnie on 4/3/2018