Maroon Ladies Wallet

Maroon Ladies wallet light weight to carry for evening dress or casual occasion, eye-catching Maroon lady's wallets can give good impression well.

Maroon Ladies bags show the personality of nobility , mysteriousness , maturity and romance. The maroon color is often used to represent intense and passionate things like passion, love, courage, etc. Maroon lady’s bag continues to be one of our fastest-selling handbags on baginning.

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  • Color: Maroon

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Maroon Ladies Wallet Latest Reviews

love, love, love this wallet. It is the best wallet I have bought in my life.

review by Grace on 3/11/2019

The feel of the wallet is amazing. It is really soft and smooth. There is plenty of storage in the wallet. The only thing is that it takes a few days for the card pockets to loosen up.

review by Charusmita on 4/8/2018

Surprisingly very nice for the price! I needed a new wallet and this was perfect. Came in an elegant box, and is really a gorgeous leather wallet. Plenty of space for credit cards, money, etc. I ...

review by Kristina on 4/8/2018