Fuchsia Ladies Wallet

Fuchsia Ladies wallet light weight to carry for evening dress or casual occasion, eye-catching Fuchsia lady's wallets can give good impression well.

Fuchsia ladies bags worth scooping up and give a sense of worth your money. Fuchsia is a vivid color that inspires confidence, assurance, and maturity. Fuchsia lady’s bag pairs well with lime green, mint or tangerine accessories.

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  • Color: Fuchsia

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Fuchsia Ladies Wallet Latest Reviews

Love this wallet. I got it back in the beginning of the year and I still have it.

review by Jannna on 4/10/2018

Love this wallet! I was looking for a compact Rfid wallet to fit in a small purse. It is amazing how a wallet this small can hold all my credit cards and cash. Everything actually seems to fit ...

review by JAB on 4/3/2018

Love this purse. I use it as a wallet. I prefer a larger roomy wallet. It works perfect for me. I ordered the fuchsia, beautiful.

review by Shawn and Lynne on 4/2/2018

This wallet is definitely high quality. The leather is beautiful and smooth. It has many compartments for credit cards. It will block any connections with thieves who are trying to get credit card ...

review by M. Torres on 4/2/2018