Silver Polyester Ladies Purse

Silver Polyester Ladies purse are absolute for all-year-around needs, ideal bags option for daytime event or nighttime party. Colorful styles of lady's purse just like women's attitude for life to be cute, kind or independence, let's shopping right now for purse at Baginning.

Silver ladies bags are the best accessory that can totally transform your looks. Silver, is associated with prestige and wealth, restores equilibrium and stability to both feminine power and spiritual energy.

Polyester, man-made fabric, characters resilience, wear protection and less fading to be widely applicative in fashion. Lightweight and slightly silkier polyester is totally to be used more in the purse design for sports, biking or outgoing.

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22 Item(s)


  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Polyester

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Silver Polyester Ladies Purse Latest Reviews

Stylish, Sparkling and Purpose serving!I got a lot of compliments though & it was perfect! It is very pretty in person & the size is amazing. I fit my iPhone X in it with room to spare for a ...

review by Monica C. on 6/14/2019

So it was much bigger than I expected! But it was perfect for all of my wedding day essentials

review by Chelsea Behm on 6/14/2019

Love it. Size is just right. Looks and feels like a high end yet very affordable.

review by lovelyme110 on 4/21/2019

So adorable!!!

review by Kenyetta Robinson on 1/28/2019

I like the flower!

review by Janelle on 1/28/2019

This little purse is so darn cute. It's actually better in person. I have an phone and it fits.

review by Lori L. on 4/29/2018

Well packaged. Exquisite beading.

review by Hailey M on 4/29/2018

It's only one word for it and that's better than expected and it is fabulous please take my word for it!

review by Christopher Galster on 4/27/2018

Beautiful! Beading is excellent & the color is exactly what I was looking for.Would definitely recommend this bag.

review by Tara on 4/27/2018

Beautiful. I bought the necklace/earring set too. Perfect with a plain black dress or pants suit.

review by Michelle on 4/27/2018