$80.00 - $119.99 Brown Ladies Bags

Ladies bags in world's trendy fashion, Baginning offers a wide rang of lady's bag option like tote, clutch, bucket handbags etc to choose. There's always one you would like.

Brown ladies bags are super chic & stylish and give a very cool look. Brown is a natural and neutral color that is typically associated with the seasons of fall and winter.

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Baginning Forget-Me-Not Tassel Leather Tote Bag in Coffee
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  • Price: $80.00 - $119.99
  • Color: Brown

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$80.00 - $119.99 Brown Ladies Bags Latest Reviews

I love that the neutral colors go with anything I wear. The leather is nice and soft and it's a perfect size for what I carry everyday.

review by Chretien Sr. on 10/28/2020

The bag is awesome! Its medium to small in size but that's what I normally carry. Holds everything I need. Really well made and awesome design. Love it!

review by carolina wilson on 10/27/2020

Love the backpack, the leather is great and it’s easily convertible into a crossbody or a backpack!

review by Bill Tsai on 10/26/2020

The bag is not big which is what I wanted. Just big enough to hold my phone, keys, wallet and sunglasses for a walk. Love it!

review by Luthien on 10/24/2020

This purse is so nice and very well made. The shoulder strap I love you can remove it if you want and use the handle (that can be removed). Love Love it!

review by Vesna Hernández on 10/19/2020

It’s a really nice bag that is sturdy. It is perfect for work and should definitely last a while.

review by Frank J Wimberly on 10/16/2020

I am amazed by how much this bag holds. I needed a bag which I could put a small blanket for kids. It is lightweight, simple and very elegant in my opinion.

review by Hyunjung Knight on 10/15/2020

Purse is classic and perfect size to take to an event where you have to have tote or leather purse.

review by Kitz on 10/9/2020

I like it. It's perfect. I have to have a tote bag for work and it's big enough and cute too!

review by Debra c. on 10/9/2020

The best thing about this is my wife loves it, and the next best was the compliments shes gotten from other women. The quality is awesome!

review by Wayne Peterson on 9/28/2020