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Ladies bags in world's trendy fashion, Baginning offers a wide rang of lady's bag option like tote, clutch, bucket handbags etc to choose. There's always one you would like.

Brown ladies bags are super chic & stylish and give a very cool look. Brown is a natural and neutral color that is typically associated with the seasons of fall and winter.

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47 Item(s)


  • Color: Brown
  • Occasion: Big Day

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Brown Big Day Ladies Bags Latest Reviews

I absolutely love the look of this bag. The leather is very nice, the stitching is fine and the size is perfect.

review by Julier on 10/23/2020

I love this bag! Most bags are too big and overwhelm me but not this bag! I love the color as well. It's made well with materials that don't look or feel cheap.

review by Lydia A. on 10/12/2020

I love this backpack and use it everyday! It looks really classy, and holds everything. Its perfect!

review by Stacy K.H on 9/26/2020

They use very good materials, such as PU leather and nice zippers!

review by DanceMomWriter on 9/20/2020

I love the size of this purse. It looks very nice.

review by Gabriele L. on 9/13/2020

I wanted to say that I LOVE this backpack purse. It's quality made and sturdy leather. I wanted to be free of lugging a purse over my shoulders. I purposely bought this for my trip abroad so I ...

review by Mbl on 8/18/2020

Beautiful bag. The leather is exquisite so soft. Wonderful organization inside and out. Exquisite bag!!!

review by Jenadean Ohio on 8/11/2020

I love this purse! The quality is great, the strap is just fine, and it’s beautiful. It’s a great size that is between small and large and I love everything about it.

review by Kristi on 7/30/2020

Great purse and quality is good. Strong material!

review by Vanessa C. on 7/27/2020

This is the perfect backpack. I love all the compartments in this purse. A great buy!

review by Anne Goben on 7/16/2020