Paper Ladies Backpacks

Paper Ladies backpacks can't get missed for your bag’s option, durable, functional and popular Paper lady's backpack we all have for your outfit.

Bags comes with paper made from tree which benefits of decomposes much more quick. Paper bag is more recycle as known for people.

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Paper Ladies Backpacks Latest Reviews

Just as described and pictured! It’s a really cute bag that I’ve gotten compliments on. Very comfortable when worn on one or both shoulders.

review by Lily Lamour on 6/23/2021

Love, love love this bag. Super cute, very sturdy, nice material. Just the right size for carrying around essentials with a little extra room.

review by mms1985 on 6/20/2021

It’s perfect! It’s soooo adorable! It’s exactly like I imagined it ... perfect for the beach , goes with jeans and beach wear!

review by F. Weakley on 4/30/2021

This is the perfect purse. It’s big enough that I can put everything that I need in it. Great purse that is good for a quick trip wherever you need to go.

review by Jeanelle Estanislao on 4/14/2021

Bought this bag and absolutely love it. It’s very pretty and sturdy and practical! Love this functional and beautiful backpack!

review by SoHoDarren on 2/27/2021

This bag is exactly as pictured! I absolutely love the size & color.. I will be taking it with me on a cruise trip coming up! I’m very excited!!

review by brownsuga on 1/8/2021

I love the look of this backpack! It works great as my gym bag and I'm excited to use it as my beach bag.

review by Lady M. on 11/9/2020

This is a backpack everybody should have. Good for traveling , folds perfectly in your suitcase and does not loose its shape. I’m going to buy other colors to.

review by Pilar on 8/5/2020

This bag is great! I bought it to use for a beach bag. Lightweight. Price was good and shipping was quick. I love it!

review by Darcy White on 7/20/2020

Cute summer backpack. Great price quality for being hand made. The straw is intact and strong. It does have top drawstring closure to keep your items secure in the bag.

review by enan Hernandez on 6/11/2020