$80.00 - $119.99 Fringe & Tassels Genuine Leather Handbags

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$80.00 - $119.99 Fringe & Tassels Genuine Leather Handbags Latest Reviews

This is a very cute small blush purse! Will hold phone, lipstick, ID, and sunglasses.

review by Lynne C on 2/25/2019

This is gorgeous and I totally love this

review by George on 2/25/2019

This purse exceeded my expectations. The material is very nice and soft.

review by Tiffany Curtis on 2/18/2019

I purchased this handbag as a gift for a friend who is not even 5' tall. I thought it was lovely and so did she.

review by Country Club Blonde on 2/18/2019

This is the perfect size for me! I love huge purses but I needed something smaller for school to carry the things that don’t fit in my laptop bag.

review by Cas Praul on 1/29/2019

Love this bag! I bought it b/c I needed a smaller crossbody and it was perfect. It's lightweight and NEVER hurt my shoulders or neck, even after wearing it (and walking) for hours! It's so cute ...

review by Jackie Rivera on 4/8/2018

This is an excellent bag so far, I bought it to use as my notary bag and I'm really happy with it.

review by cybermgm23 on 4/2/2018