Velvet Fringe Purse

Velvet Fringe purse with a range of size and colors unique and chic styles different with other purse, our store's fringe purses satisfy daily requirement or any special occasion needs.
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  • Material: Velvet

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Velvet Fringe Purse Latest Reviews

Beautiful and elegant! It doesn't look too big but it's roomy enough to carry your cellphone, lipstick, keys and cards.

review by Kailee Parker on 6/20/2019

I was amazed when I saw my purse. I wore it to my cousin's wedding and I looked very elegant. Everybody loved it.

review by Stasia on 6/20/2019

I love this bag. It's even better than I'd hoped it would be, especially for the lower cost.

review by Human783 on 6/13/2019

This is as five star a product as it gets - talk about quality and value.

review by lilcreative on 6/9/2019

Love this classy bag, I carried this to my friends party. They love this,too.

review by Opaer on 5/24/2019