White Fanny Pack

White Fanny pack, 2020 latest fashionable bag’s style, one belt worn around the waist or shoulder with the functional way you like to match with your dress. You won't get miss the current trend of White fanny packs at Baginning.

White bags are generally amazing in look. White is the traditional color worn by brides, to signify purity, innocence, and virginity.

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  • Color: White

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White Fanny Pack Latest Reviews

I love it. It has zipper compartments inside to hold some small items. It also has outside compartment for your phone that zips.

review by Aria on 9/15/2020

Color is a nice white, a neutral that’s softer for summer. I love having my hands free! Great pack for the price.

review by Dorknumberone on 7/22/2020

I use this on weekends when I run errands and don't want to carry a purse. Perfect size for me. I would add a key ring to make this a perfect fanny pack.

review by Anonymous S.H. on 7/22/2020

LOVE THIS BAG! Great price point, good quality, would definitely recommend!

review by Dellarease S on 7/8/2020

This bag is so awesome! Very convenient for all purposes. Great for hiking, running, or any outdoor activity.

review by McKenna on 7/8/2020

Love this belt bag. Good quality. Its very well made and durable.

review by Leanne Mitchell on 7/7/2020

This is the perfect fanny pack for carrying all my little goods because I hate carrying big bags. The belt fit perfectly. It also helps me avoid putting my wallet down and losing it which i have ...

review by samia on 6/22/2020

This purse is gorgeous. I absolutely love it. It's a great price for a beautiful fashion waist bag.

review by valerie on 6/15/2020

This is a perfect size fanny pack. Very nice and roomy belt bag for necessity. Love it!

review by May Luong on 6/11/2020

I bought this to match an outfit and put a few items in like a phone, keys, etc and this is perfect. It fits everything you need to carry with you. It's well designed.

review by Rickey on 6/5/2020