$40.00 and above Multicolor Fanny Pack

$40.00 and above Multicolor Fanny pack, 2020 latest fashionable bag’s style, one belt worn around the waist or shoulder with the functional way you like to match with your dress. You won't get miss the current trend of $40.00 and above Multicolor fanny packs at Baginning.

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  • Price: $40.00 and above
  • Color: Multicolor

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$40.00 and above Multicolor Fanny Pack Latest Reviews

Perfect and exactly what I was looking for! Definitely taking this on my next run/hike!

review by tania on 7/10/2020

Loved it and was multifunctional as a Fanny pack and a purse

review by JMB on 7/1/2019

I never buy bags online because I’m so picky, and was so nervous I got the wrong size because I picked the small one. But this bag was EXACTLY what I was looking for and needed! Love

review by Frist! on 9/30/2018

This is my style!!!

review by Luna on 8/22/2018