Fanny Pack

Fanny pack, 2020 latest fashionable bag’s style, one belt worn around the waist or shoulder with the functional way you like to match with your dress. You won't get miss the current trend of fanny packs at Baginning.
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Fanny Pack Latest Reviews

It's durable and extremely well-designed...

review by Rahpl on 10/19/2021

I LOVE THE FANNY PACK!!! Can't wait for Halloween!!

review by Windley on 9/26/2021

Super cute! It’s definitely a MINI bag. Definitely is trendy and will go with a lot of outfits.

review by Rachel on 9/15/2021

For someone who never writes reviews, I sure look to them for guidance. So I'm happy to report that this fanny pack is spectacular. Not only is it roomy, but it's also sturdy, convenient, and ...

review by LuaDipa on 8/18/2021

I love this little purse-perfect size! It can be worn as a fanny pack as well as belt bag. The strap it comes with is more suitable for wearing as a shoulder strap.

review by M. Idrissi on 6/24/2021

Beautiful and well-made bag. The size is what I needed for when I go shopping ... holds my phone, keys, credit cards, cash, ID, tissues.

review by Rosie Brown on 6/20/2021

I love this Fanny pack! It is also super stylish! I’ve gotten so many compliments on it!

review by Carmen B. on 6/18/2021

Really impressed with the quality of this waist bag. Small but still able to hold what i need, cell phone/lipstick/mirror/card wallet. Happy with my purchase.

review by msv505175 on 5/17/2021

Love it! Wear it all the time day or night. Very comfortable. It fit my keys, ID and cash. I love it, no complaints!

review by Eileen Penick on 4/25/2021

Love it! Lightweight, the waist bag looks like a nice, casual mini purse. Used it all the time during long month travel.

review by Ophelia87 on 4/22/2021