School PVC Cute Purses

School PVC Cute purse optional for the child or any kind of cute girls, get tired of mature dress anymore to come on handing with cute purses for your outfits.

PVC is a solid plastic material normally with its model of transparent or other colors.PVC purse is the warm-wear trend for summer style-water resistant and durable features. Let’s enjoy tapping right into the comfort of PVC purse.

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  • Occasion: School
  • Material: PVC

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School PVC Cute Purses Latest Reviews

Beautiful products, I will use to vacation. It seems to be well made and this might just be my blue obsession speaking here but OMG it's pretty yet simple.

review by Binny on 5/26/2020

Super cute. You can get in the inner pouch to hold small wallet, a couple lipsticks or glosses. You will have to put your keys and cell in the actual clear part, just put in behind the pouch and ...

review by Courtney on 5/22/2020

The bag arrived on time

review by Caitlin s. on 4/9/2019

I am very happy with my purchase and I like that I don't have to sacrifice style for security at sports events:)

review by Sean on 4/8/2019

Good size well made.

review by Debbie on 7/11/2018

Item is exactly as described. A fun bag to use at the beach or carry to the library. It’s really pretty.

review by Karen on 6/11/2018

it's beautiful. I was impressed by how soon it arrived.

review by Palafox on 6/11/2018

I love everything holographic, and this is just right. As far as construction, it's made well

review by TJ002 on 6/11/2018

Not plastic-y looking, very cute!!!

review by Chelsea on 6/11/2018

Love my bag , Very roomy.

review by B.L on 6/11/2018