Animal-print Crocodile Bag

Animal-print Crocodile bag at Baginning is made with croc-effect material not real crocodile leather because we insist on animal protection, but you have our promise that all our croc material is chosen by high-standard requirement. Fine craftmanship and high-quality material for our Animal-print crocodile bags are aim to satisfy customer's ask as far as we can.

Animal-print ladies bags are the purses with animals embossed or animals shaped, which warms girls’ hearts with adorable and cuddly looking! Neither adults nor children can refuse animals’ cute and charm.

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48 Item(s)


  • Fashion Elements: Animal-print

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Animal-print Crocodile Bag Latest Reviews

Inner is good to organize your stuffs etc. Would recommend it for work or if you’re looking for a simple casual bag that’s easy to pair with.

review by Pakel on 9/6/2021

Bag is well made and nice looking and functional. Looks very expensive. Looooove it!

review by Anna Burley on 6/21/2021

Very nice purse and perfect size. Nice crossbody that holds a lot. Not heavy at all. Worth the money!

review by Nadia Greenidge on 6/14/2021

The embossed leather bag was beautiful. Lovely purse for the price and appears durable! Will buy another purse from this store.

review by Michael Ditillo on 5/27/2021

I am very happy with this tote for work, fits quite a bit. Good quality and size bag for its price. Just what I was looking for. Its versatile.

review by Geri L Norberg on 5/7/2021

Used it for work. Looks professional, has a good amount of space, and feels pretty sturdy. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a crocodile printed leather style.

review by Assumpta on 4/21/2021

This is a nice wallet. Its a soft leather feel and soft. It has plenty of space for money,credit cards, coin, and ID holder. Its cute and unique in design. Reasonable price too!

review by Tomara Thompson on 4/20/2021

Perfect size for me. Great feel of the leather. Awesome purchase. Good color and perfect space.

review by Carolq on 4/19/2021

I love this bag. Sturdy, beautiful leather, holds everything i need. It was expensive, but worth it!

review by Mrjqd on 4/15/2021

This is a beautifully made purse and the coffee is very beautiful. I’m loving it!

review by S & J Croinex on 4/15/2021