$40.00 and above PVC Clutch Bags

$40.00 and above PVC Clutch bags as good options to match with any of your outfits whenever to go outside at night no matter on the show or in the shopping, find trendy $40.00 and above PVC clutch style at baginning.com.

PVC is a solid plastic material normally with its model of transparent or other colors.PVC purse is the warm-wear trend for summer style-water resistant and durable features. Let’s enjoy tapping right into the comfort of PVC purse.

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  • Price: $40.00 and above
  • Material: PVC

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$40.00 and above PVC Clutch Bags Latest Reviews

The bag is exactly how you would expect it to be. Its clear and has a decent amount of storage. Overall good product! I am happy with it :)

review by Florian on 6/29/2020

Beautiful and unique clutch, very satisfied with it!

review by exis on 6/28/2020

Was so surprised when it came in cuz it is beautiful.

review by fatou kane ba on 6/4/2019

Really really cute. I plan to use this as my everyday purse. There wasn’t a strong chemical smell that I expected it to have at first, which is great!

review by SE on 5/22/2019

I just received my clutch today, I'm pleased to say it's quite nice for the price. Plenty of room for your stuff, but thin enough to be considered a clutch.

review by Ann on 4/30/2019

I used this clutch for my sister's wedding and I got so many compliments on it! Best of all, it fit every thing including my portable charger and cord. I definitely need more clutches like this in ...

review by Hira on 4/29/2018

Very pleased with this purchase.

review by mandy25 on 4/29/2018

I really love this bag. It's classy and so elegant.

review by Lina Pitts on 4/29/2018

Beautiful clutch just as pictured!

review by SOFA on 4/29/2018

It's a great gift!Love!!

review by Maddie M. on 4/25/2018