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Shop our collection of Floral Clutch Purse as good options to match with any of your outfits whenever to go outside at night no matter on the show or in the shopping, find trendy Floral clutch purses style at baginning.com.
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  • Color & Pattern: Floral

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Floral Clutch Purse Latest Reviews

Great clutch! You can fit a cell phone, keys and a few other small pieces it it. The finishing is good, love the texture and the front flower details.

review by Cheri on 11/25/2019

This is is sooooo beautiful, exactly what I thought it would be and needed it to be!!! It’s style is so unique & looks way more expensive. I have received many compliments because people certainly ...

review by Stephanie on 11/14/2019

My wife bought this for our wedding reception, Great looking stylish bag!

review by XX Pentangelo on 6/14/2019

Purchased this to use during the evenings while on vacation. Lightweight, cute little bag

review by Amyp on 12/10/2018

its gorgeous,perfect size,and has a optional strap if needed...I will reuse over n over again!

review by Leete on 12/10/2018

Love this!!!

review by Dantie on 9/28/2018

Beautiful purse!

review by Kyle on 4/8/2018

Good looking bag! Great price!

review by T. L on 4/8/2018

I bought for my mom.She is really socially invipved and is always attending different social events and parties and always has sophistication s with tidy hand bags. For me it was the color of the ...

review by jessie on 4/4/2018

The flowers closuring and the rhinestones and the color are all very pretty! !

review by Gemgal on 4/4/2018