Night Club Clear Purse & Jelly Purse

Night Club Clear purse & jelly purse first to occur but get to be the favorite styles by women, no need to hold too much things with light weight to carry. Shop more Night Club clear purses or jelly purses right now at Baginning. Free shipping&free return.

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  • Occasion: Night Club

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Night Club Clear Purse & Jelly Purse Latest Reviews

beautiful color , very cute, and is a perfect size to fit necessities ! Exactly what i expected .

review by Chris on 5/20/2020

A little smaller than I thought, but so pretty!!!!

review by Kristyn C on 6/2/2019

I admit when I first opened the box and saw the bag, I thought I would be sending it back. Then the light hit it. The colors are fantastic!

review by S. Underwood on 6/2/2019

Perfect size, conversation starter.

review by T B on 6/2/2019

Holographic style is my favorite now, love their bags so much!

review by Ponny on 5/22/2019

This is the cutest purse I've bought this year! I didn't think I would like it because I've never had a clear bag before and I only needed it for a concert, but I want to carry it everywhere now! ...

review by Jasmine Edwards on 5/15/2019

This is the cutest holographic/iridescent purse/clutch EVER!!!!!!!! The overall quality of this item is phenomenal!!!! I'm very happy!!!

review by Thai on 5/15/2019

Love this bag! The hologram tone makes the bag see-through, but it also changes color depending on the angle from which you're viewing it. So it camouflages the contents to a degree, whereas a ...

review by Margaret J Maher on 5/15/2019

Love it.

review by Adrienne on 5/25/2018

Much nicer than expected. Perfectly stylish enough for more daily use.

review by TMTime on 5/20/2018